Fully Interoperable Contribution Solutions

Manufacturing premium quality contribution compression, decompression, playback, mux equipment built to service all manner of applications in the Broadcast and Digital Television market.

Adtec EN-210
Adtec ZF


Tier 1 MPEG 2 & 4, 10-bit 4:2:2, Contribution encoder with optional modulator and Zixi.

  • High demand and flexible AVC 4:2:2 & 4:2:0 10-bit video encoding
  • MPEG 2 4:2:2 & 4:2:0 video encoding
  • 3G-SDI via 3G Copper and Fiber SFP Video Interfaces
  • MP1L2, DD, AAC-LC, HE-AAC (2.0 & 5.1)
  • Passthrough Dolby E. LPCM,& DD
  • ASI input for external transport stream multiplexing
  • Simultaneous ASI, RF and Robust IP Transport (SMPTE 2022 FEC, UDP, RTP, RTMP, Zixi Feeder)
Adtec EN-200
Adtec ZF


Tier 1 Mpeg 4, 1080p, 1 Frame Latency, Contribution encoder with optional modulator and Zixi.

  • 1080P 50 and 1080P 59.94 fps Encoding (3G)
  • AVC 4:2:2 Video Encoding
  • 3G Copper and Fiber SFP Video Interfaces, 3G-SDI
  • 1 to 3 Frame 1080P, 1080i, 720P or D1 End-to-End Latency
  • Automatic SD, HD or 3G (Level A or Level B) Detection
  • Multiple Mode IP Transport including RTMP and Zixi
  • Audio:  Sixteen (16) Channels of Audio Encoding, MPEG 1Layer 2*, AAC*, and Dolby Digital Plus* stereo and 5.1 Audio Encoding
Adtec RD-71
Adtec ZR


Tier 1 Contribution Decoder with optional demodulator and Zixi capability

  • AVC 4:2:2 10-bit 1080P 59.94/50 fps and MPEG 2 4:2:2 Video Decoding IRD
  • Full Frame 1080P 59.94/50 3G-SDI Decoding via 3G Copper and Fiber SFP Video Interfaces
  • Service Filtering and IP Output
  • IP Input, including UDP/RTP/ZIXI
  • Simultaneously output HD and SD with on-board downscaler
  • Audio: Sixteen (16) Channels of Audio Decoding /  AAC-6.0 Surround Decoding Support / MPEG 1 Layer 2, AAC-LC and Dolby Digital Audio Decoding / Dolby D, Dolby E and PCM Pass-Through
Adtec EN-31
Adtec ZF


Tier 2/3 Distribution Dual Chip Encoder with optional modulator and Zixi capability

  • MPEG 2 and/or MPEG 4 AVC 4:2:0 Video Encoding
  • ASI Remux / Unit Cascade Feature
  • Analog Video and Audio Interfaces
  • DVB-S / DVB-S2 / DVB-S2X Modulation
  • Simultaneous ASI, RF and IP Transport (IP Supports TCP, UDP, RTP, SMPTE 2022 FEC, RTMP and Zixi Feeder)
  • Audio:  Eight (8) Channels of audio Encoding per Video Input, MPEG 1 Layer 2, AAC-LC, AAC-HE (v1/v2), Dolby Digital AC-3, 5.1 Audio Encoding


Tier 2/3 Distribution Decoder with optional demodulator

  • AVC & Mpeg 2 4:2:0 Decoding
  • ASI And IP I/O (IP Supports SMPTE 2022 FEC)
  • 32APSK Demod with DVB-CI CAM Option
  • SCTE 35 to SCTE 104 Conversion
  • Audio: Eight (8) Channels of Audio Processing / Mpeg 1 Layer 2, AAC-LC, AAC-HE (V1/V2), Dolby (AC-3) and Dolby Digital + (E-AC-3)/ Analog, AES and SDI Embedded Audio Outputs /  Dolby D/D+/E and PCM Pass-through


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