Encoders and Decoder Solutions

Encoders and Decoder

M&J Communications offers a variety of Multi-Channel Encoder/Decoder products intended for content distribution and contribution to a variety of clients.

Our contribution and distribution solutions include encoders and decoders, secure IT transport, digital turnaround, service filtering, and transmission security systems. All contribution and distribution products sold by M&J are manufactured by leading manufacturers of broadcast products and video equipment.

We’ll cover some equipment and protocols that we have on offer.

Contribution and Distribution Solutions

Our encoder and decoder solutions are fully customizable and built to work with modular AFN-series frames. 

AFN-1000 frames support multi-channel configurations and provide maximum flexibility.

They’re designed with industry evolution in mind. The flexible platform can accommodate seven additional function-based carriers which allow for workflow customization.

It’s suitable for at-home/remote productions, tier-one sports contributions, live event contributions, and digital newsgathering. The AFN-1000 frame supports up to 16 HD/SD encoders or 8 HD/SD decoders. HD/SD encoders and decoders can be used for 4K(UHD) signals but at a 4 to 1 rate for encoders and 2 to 1 for decoders. The frame also supports 4 ASI outputs or inputs and 2 GigE IP Input/Output jacks allow for multiple virtual sessions.

AFN-250 frames are compact and perfect for on-the-go applications and can be feature-keyed to meet your requirements and budget. They’re designed for professional video streaming, multiplexing, and turn-around applications. It’s an excellent budget solution that can be expanded to the AFN-1000 if needed — all afiniti carriers are completely interchangeable. 

When it comes to multi-channel applications, the encoder/decoder configurations provide a high level of flexibility and allow for expansion and growth. Each frame includes a system host carrier with on-board IP multiplexing capabilities, a web user interface and front panel controls that can be used for network configuration. 

The device has CE and RoHS safety certification and software licenses are required for functionality.

Secure IP transport (SRT)

As the market moves towards transporting video over unmanaged IP networks, it’s more important than ever to make sure the data is secure. Digital encoders and receivers we have on offer use SRT (secure reliable transport) protocol and securely send ASI or IP inputs from on-site acquisition at the event site to ASI or IP output for distribution at the production site.

Our SRT solutions use secure streams and easy firewall traversal to optimize streaming performance. They will also guarantee the delivery of high-quality video over almost any network – even really unstable ones. The end-to-end 128/256 bit AES encryption ensures the content is protected from contribution to distribution. 

Encoders will protect against jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth fluctuation. You can expect high-quality, low latency video and a solution for network challenges. Decoders will receive and decrypt live-event content for studio production. 

SRT has proven to be a dependable solution and is becoming quite popular in the industry.

It can be used for transglobal services over the public internet running 24/7 live video.

Digital turnaround (ASI and IP) and service filtering/ingress

Considering the demand for remote production and multi-service transport streams, ingress and egress services have become incredibly important.

Adtec Digital multiplexer solutions can get high-quality video content safely and securely to its destination over any network.

Multiplexer carriers can be installed in a frame for stand-alone applications or be combined with encoders and decoders to suit your custom broadcast requirements. They support bouquet management, PID remapping, turn-around mode for transport stream conversion, SRT, BISS-CA encryption, and SNMP management and monitoring.

What is BISS-CA and how does it improve transmission security?

BISS-CA (Basic Interoperable Scrambling Protocol – Conditional Access) is the latest standard of the BISS encryption protocol that includes a dynamic key system. It’s slated to replace BISS-1 and BISS-E for most broadcasting purposes. 

The protocol allows media rights holders to grant and revoke points of reception dynamically in real-time to safeguard their content and can be used in conjunction with additional safety measures such as watermarking. The 128-bit encryption key is used to protect the content and the scrambler changes the key in 10-second intervals. While uncovering the key is possible with hardware that’s powerful enough, it would take significantly longer than ten seconds.

We’ve tried and tested numerous solutions and now have a comprehensive range of BISS-CA technologies on offer:

Our new encoders/decoders will feature BISS-CA in addition to HEVC.

A standalone small throw-down chassis can be used to add BISS-CA between an existing encoder and an existing DVB S/ S2/NS4 satellite modulator.

Finally, we’re introducing a DVB S/S2/S2X modulator that can add BISS-CA to an existing encoder and adds a lot of the latest modulator technology, including input redundancy and multi-stream.