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LNB, BDC and Redundant Systems

Orbital Research manufactures high-performance frequency converters and components for the satellite communications industry. Our products offer the highest quality and reliability, even in the most challenging conditions.

Low Noise Block Downconverters (LNBs)

C-Band LNB

C-Band LNBs

Ku-band LNB

Ku-Band LNBs

Ka-Band LNB

Ka-Band LNBs

X-Band LNBs

Orbital builds high performance, high quality LNBs. Our satellite LNBs are available for C, Ku, Ka and X-band. Each unit is expertly engineered, hand-tuned and tested. Each comes with unique specs for that individual LNB, offering actual measurements, not averages.

  • Orbital 3400X Off-the-Shelf External Reference C-Band LNB build high-quality entry-level C-band LNB with an external 10 MHz reference. They have excellent phase noise and LO stability, 60 dB gain.
  • Orbital Ku-Band LNB with Fixed or Multi-LOs Ku-band LNB to meet demanding, customer-specific requirements. Bandwidth of up to 1050 MHz. External 10 MHz reference. Voltage or Push Button Band switching is available.
  • Orbital Ka-Band LNB with Fixed LO & Internal Isolator Compact and sealed external reference Ka-band LNB with a built-in isolator. Fixed local oscillator for a single Ka-band frequency. Used in ARSTRAT Approved terminals and complies with MILSTD-188-164a and MIL-STD-810F.
  • The Orbital LNBKaML (Dual Ka) has a push button controller which allows you to quickly change between Commercial and Military bands (Switchable from WGS to GX). Used in ARSTRAT Approved terminals.
  • Orbital X-MIC External Reference X-Band with Internal Isolator Designed for the expanding X-band markets. Noise figures as low as 0.7 dB, a 55 dB transmit reject filter and an internal isolator to reduce size. Used in ARSTRAT Approved terminals.

Block Down Convertors (BDCs)

C-Band BDCs

Ku-Band BDCs

Ka-Band BDCs

X-Band BDCs

Orbitals BDCs are available in a wide range of bandwidths, frequencies and connector configurations – and can be custom-mounted as required. These frequency converters work with your low noise amplifier (LNA) to provide simultaneous reception of an entire satellite band.

Redundant LNA, LNB & BDC Switch Systems

Orbitals low noise amplifier (LNA), low noise block downconverter (LNB) and block down converter (BDC) redundant systems are custom-made to your specifications. The outdoor unit can be modified for booms, hubs, racks and other mounting considerations – and the indoor controller is pre-mounted on a 1 RU 19-inch rail. LNA/LNB redundancy can be automatic (current sensing) or manually selected. Power supply redundancy is automatic, and remote M&C via an RS232/Ethernet port is included.

iSwitch ODU Controller

The iSwitch module is an ODU controller for Redundant LNB or BUC systems. The main advantage of this product is that it removes the need for an internal controller (IDU), expensive installation and cabling.

  • Accessible from the internet through your computer, laptop or smart phone. All monitoring and control can be accessed through the internet or: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, One wire / 433 MHz
  • Add redundancy to any existing system without added coax, control cabling or rack space.
  • Because of its size, the iSwitch can fit into a wider range of antenna systems
  • LNB neutral – the same box can be used for:  C, X, Ku or Ka, BUC universal, remote redundancy, BDCs
  • Multiple sensing options including: Current sensing window (automatic switch) System voltage monitoring, BUC Inhibit on Switch, Loss of Lock alarms

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