De-icing Surface Heating Systems

SHS de-icing systems

Based in Scotland, SHS are a major anti/de-icing systems Manufacturer & supplier for antenna.

The standard system comprises of pre-insulated, self-adhesive heating panels rated at approx. 250- 300w/m2, 110 or 230v. These readily conform to the shape and curvature of the antenna panels.

Control is via a fully automatic snow sensor which when snow is sensed, turn on the heating (when set to Auto), for a specific time period, when it will either run for an additional period if the ambient conditions remain the same or return to the auto/standby mode. Manual on/off is also available.

The de-icing system enables the end user to have either full heating of lower half heating with either anti-ice or de-ice loadings.

Antenna with SHS de-icing system.

antenna using the de-icing system

Web OI user interface

For new systems and available to all existing systems out in the field is the optional ethernet driven m&c system.

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