C-com Satellite Systems Inc

C-COM is a leader in the deployment of vehicle mounted, auto-deploy antennas and other VSAT technology for the delivery of 2-way. By developing their own proprietary mobile self-pointing and auto deploy antennas this allows, the delivery of broadband satellite Internet services into mobile virtually all environments.

M&J are proud to be an authorised iNetVu Service Centre to help support the installation and maintenance of the CCOM satellite systems.


  • FLY-75V One piece reflector, 2 Axis Motor for Ka band, Compliant for use on ExedeSM Ka Service by ViaSat and on KA-SAT NEWSSPOTTER NEWSGATHERING service by Eutelsat
  • ACFLY-1200 Airline checkable, 6 piece carbon fibre reflector, 3 Axis Motorization for Ku band
  • FLY-1201 Antenna – 3 Axis motion (Ku-band), 2 axis (X-band), Reflector options; 1 piece, 2 pieces & 4 pieces, capable of up to 200w transmit power at Ku.


  • Ka-75V, This 75cm Ka antenna is designed for use with Viasat modems, ideal for direct broadband access over any configured satellite. Authorized for ViaSat Exede Enterprise and on KA-SAT NEWSSPOTTER NEWSGATHERING service by Eutelsat
  • Ka-98V/G/H. These 98cm Ka antennas support ViaSat, iDirect, Gilat and Hughes modems to be used with the iNetVu controllers for quick auto point acquisition.
  • 1201 This prime Focus, off set Feed, has 3 motorized axes, available at X(40W) or Ku (200W) bands, with an operational temperature of -40ºC to 65ºC
  • 1500 Carbon Fibre antenna  Operable at C or Ku band this antenna is strong (operational in 45 mph winds) and lightweight (<84Kg).
  • 1800+ – Works in either Ku, C or X band with the option of 2 or 4pcs reflector and 3 Axis motorization.

Fixed Motorised Antennas

  • FMA120 & 120Ka  1.2m antenna, 3 Axis motorization, for Ku or Ka band Tx & Rx
  • FMA180 / FMA240 1.8m & 2.4m antenna, both with 2 Axis motorization (3rd Optional), suitable for Ku or C band.

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