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Microwave Filter Company, Inc. has been a leader in design, development and manufacture of high-quality filters since 1967. MFC offers a variety of high-quality, passive electronic filter and component products in the 5Hz to 50gHz frequency spectrum.

Satcom Filters

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  • C-Band Transmit Receive and Reject, Harmonic Lowpass, Multi Band Reject, Multi Purpose Bandpass, RADAR Reject, Single Transponder, Dual Passband Band Stop, LEO Eliminates Interference from WiMAX and RADAR
  • Ku-Band Transmit Receive and Reject Filters Ideal for VSAT applications
  • X-Band Transmit Receive and Reject, Multi Band Reject, Lowpass and LEO Receive Filters
  • Ka Bandpass Transmit and Reject Filters
  • K-Band Bandpass Filters
  • S-Band Transmit and Receive Filters
  • L-Band ranging from fixed and tuneable Bandpass Filters to tuneable Notch Filters
  • L-Band applications as follows: INMARSAT, Iridium, Thuraya, Radio Astronomy, Meteorological Satellite Services, RADAR, C-Band Down conversion, GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, DAB, Amateur Radio

Ku-Band Diplexer (Uplink/ Downlink)

Allowing the user to eliminate a double run of waveguide – by integrating trasmit and receive operations in one, single unit.

Custom designs include waveguide, strip line/ microstrip, lumped element, dielectric resonator and cavity/ coaxial topologies. Filter types and accessories include bandpass, band stop, combiners, couplers, diplexers, high pass, lowpass and adaptors.

Other product lines include:
CATV, YHF, VHF, discreet element filters, Wireless, MMDS, LPTV, FM transmit, WiMAX. 

Filter Types Transmit Receive Custom Design
Ku-Band Diplexer
L-Band MFC offers a variety of filters for applications in the L-Band spectrum, ranging from fixed and tuneable Band Pass Filters to tuneable Notch Filters

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