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Adtec Digital is a leading manufacturer of Broadcast, Cable and IPTV products as well as encode-decode solutions. Additionally, with over 30 years’ experience in compression and transmission technologies, Adtec Digital offers customers rock solid engineering, powerful features, and unmatched customer service. 

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afiniti Product Line

Chassis stack
Modular Frames

Firstly, Adtec Digital offers 2 frame options, the AFN-1000 1RU frame or the more portable AFN-250. Regardless of where you start, we are committed to supporting you as you grow, giving you the ability to add-on, upgrade or trade-up when needed.

4K (UHD) HEVC / AVC / MP2 Encode & Decode Carriers

Firstly, featuring multi-channel, 4K(UHD)/HD/SD encode-decode, dense audio, VANC processing, and low latency, these all-in-one carriers are ideal for demanding broadcast video applications. Also, each encoder carrier supports up to four (4) channels of HD/SD encoding or a single 4K(UHD) channel. Each decoder carriers supports up to two (2) channels of HD/SD decoding. Lastly, these carriers can be combined in one frame along with any transport carriers you require.

Multiplexer / Transport Carriers
Adtec Digital offers secure as well as reliable solutions to get your premium quality video from point A to point B. With IP and ASI interfaces, an advanced feature set as well as enough horsepower to handle the most demanding applications, these multiplexer carriers can be installed in a frame for stand-alone applications or be combined with encoders and decoders to suit your custom broadcast requirements.

AFN-1000 Frame
Space-saving and power-efficient AFN-1000 frame was designed with industry evolution in mind. Additionally, each frame includes a system host carrier with on-board IP multiplexing capabilities, a web-based user interface and front panel controls for network configuration. Finally, this flexible platform can accommodate seven additional function-based carriers enabling customized workflows.

AFN-250 Frame
Firstly, the AFN-250 frame provides a compact and flexible design for in-house or on-the-go applications. Designed for professional video streaming, multiplexing and turn-around applications, this frame allows users to meet current needs as well as budgets. Furthermore, when needed, users can expand to the AFN-1000 frame as all carriers are interchangeable within the afiniti family.

AFN-250 Frame

Rackmount Multi-Channel Encoder/Decoder Configurations:
Built with multi-channel applications in mind, these encode-decode configurations provide maximum flexibility as well as enable expansion and growth. In addition, each frame can support up to 16 HD/SD encoders or 8 HD/SD decoders, includes an on-board IP multiplexer and leaves room for additional multiplexing carriers.


  • At Home and Remote Productions
  • Tier One Sports Contribution
  • Live Event Contribution and Digital News Gathering

Encoder Hardware List:

  • AFN-1000 ( 1 ) Includes System Host​
  • AFN-VEC-0301-0600 ( 2 )
  • AFN-TMC-0100-0400 ( 1 )​

Software Licenses required for functionality.

On-the-Go encode-decode Configurations:
For applications requiring less channel density or a more portable form factor, the AFN-250 frame model offers a smaller and more economical solution. Therefore, these models are feature rich and easy to use. Furthermore, with support from 4K HEVC with on-board ASI and IP multiplexers to a single channel of MPEG2 SD and everything in between, these models can be feature-keyed to meet your needs and budget.


  • At Home and Remote Productions
  • Tier Two and Three Contribution
  • College and University Sports Broadcast
  • Digital News Gathering

Hardware List:

  • AFN-250 ( 1 )​
  • AFN-VEC-0301-0600 ( 1 )
  • AFN-TMC-0100-0801 ( 1 )​
  • Additionally, Software Licenses are required for functionality.
encode-decode 250 drawing

Rackmount Multiplexer Configuration​:
Firstly, ideal for large-scale deployment, this traditional multiplexer configuration supports the multiplexing and de-multiplexing of ASI and IP transport streams for distribution. In addition to an easy-to-use bouquet management interface and re-multiplexing capabilities, this product supports multiple ASI inputs, unique or mirrored ASI outputs, and GigE IP ports for I/O of UDP, RTP, or SRT transport streams.

* Port counts dependent on requirements, this is also shown below in typical configuration.


  • At-Home and Remote Production
  • ATSC Distribution
  • Service Filtering

Parts List:

  • AFN-1000 / Includes System Host ( 1 )
  • TMC0100-0600 ASI Transport Input Mux Carrier ( 2)
  • TMC0100-0400 ASI Transport Output Mux Carrier ( 1 )

Portable Multiplexer Configuration​:
For smaller operations, the AFN-250 frame model offers a smaller as well as more economical solution. Furthermore, this offering is perfect for on-the-go applications and can be mounted in a 1 RU space with the purchase of rackmount hardware.


  • At-Home and Remote Productions
  • Service Filtering

Parts List:

  • AFN-250 ( 1 )
  • TMC0100-0600 ASI Transport Input Mux Carrier ( 1 )
  • TMC0100-0801 ASI Transport Output Mux & GigE IP
  • Input/Output Carrier ( 1 )

Infrastructure Solutions

Secure IP Transmission: via SRT Protocol:
Firstly, SRT stands for ‘Secure Reliable Transport’, and is an open source video transport protocol. SRT uses secure streams and easy firewall traversal to optimize streaming performance as well as deliver high-quality video over even the most unreliable networks.

Additionally, the SRT protocol uses end-to-end 128/256 bit AES encryption to ensure that content is protected from contribution to distribution. Also, it provides the ability to configure specific controls that allow users to correct for specific network challenges.

Digital Turnaround

Secure & Reliable Delivery with Bouquet Management:
These hardware-based professional grade multiplexer products support the multiplexing and de-multiplexing of ASI and IP transport streams for distribution.

In addition, with an easy-to-use browser-based interface for bouquet management and the ability to secure your transmission with SRT or BISS-CA, these AFN-250 platform devices are ideal for mid-sized re-multiplexing and stream processing applications.



  • Bouquet Management and PID Remapping
  • Also, Turn-Around Mode for Transport Stream Conversion
  • Secure Reliable Transport (SRT)
  • BISS-CA Encryption Support
  • SNMP Management and Monitoring

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