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System Integration Products

Orbital Research manufactures high-performance frequency converters and components for the satellite services and communications industry. Our products offer the highest quality and reliability, even in the most challenging conditions.


  • Orbital MT25/40 Mux-Tee (Bias Tee/Diplexer) 10 MHz multiplexer and
  • Orbital MT433 – Mux-Tee with 433 MHz M & C Channel 10 MHz multiplexer, M&C channel and bias tee in
  • Variants for DC and 10 MHz extraction also available

Master Oscillators

  • MOS – Master TCXO (temperature compensated) 10 MHz oscillator
  • MOM – Master TCXO (temperature compensated) 10 MHz oscillator and mux/tee in one package
  • MODM – Master TCXO (temperature compensated) 10 MHz oscillator plus dual mux/tees in one package

Precision Oscillator for satellite services

Precision Oscillators

Orbitals precision oscillator is effectively the same as the master oscillator, but with greater temperature range, stability and phase noise is better. For high data rate or higher order modulation applications, the POS is the superior product for your satellite services.

  • POS – 10 MHz Precision Oscillator Precision OCXO (ovenized) 10 MHz oscillator
  • POP – Precision OCXO (ovenized) 10 MHz oscillator and mux/tee in one package
  • PODM – Precision OCXO (ovenized) 10 MHz oscillator plus dual mux/tees in one package
  • GPS/PPS disciplined Oscillators also available

iRPM – Intelligent Redundant Power Module

  •  Switch Mechanism – The Orbital iRPM uses Ideal Diode FETs to switch between the primary and backup power supplies. The Ideal Diodes have very low resistance and thus have little or no voltage drop from the input to the output
  • Alarm output and Status LEDs are used to indicate the Output Power. The Alarms indicate which voltage input has failed, therefore, allowing replacement of failed power supplies in live systems, avoiding the need to take the entire system off line
  • Will operate with Orbital SIP modules, LNBs, BDCs, BUCs, Receivers and Modems
  • RoHS & REACH compliant

Redundant Power Module for satellite services

Redundant 10 MHz Switch & Distribution Amplifier Input 2:4

  • Automatic switch between manual and automatic inputs for satellite services
  • AGC – Automatic gain control
  • Automatically detects the level of incoming signals and sets the outputs to the appropriate level, even if the input signals are at different levels
  • RS 485, 232 + USB Interface
  • Available in Q2 2019

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