Satellite LNB, BUCs & microwave components  

  • LNA and LNB’s, Ku, Ka, C and X-Band

  • BUCS & SSPAS Ku, Ka, C and X-Band, ATOM & Median ranges

  • 1:1 Redundant systems for LNB, LNA & BUC Systems

  • Microwave components: Band Pass Filters, LNB Controllers, rotary joints.

Satellite LNB

LNB’s, BDC and Redundant Systems  

  • Low Noise Block Downconverters (LNBs) communications systems from S band up to Ka band

  • Block Down Convertors (BDCs)

  • Redundant LNA, LNB & BDC Switch Systems

  • iSwitch ODU Controller

Additonal LNBs dual PLL Ku-Band, LNA/BDC assemblies

Dual PLL Satellite LNB


  • Receives high and low Ku-band simultaneously
  • LNA and two separate BDCs
  • Available with +/- 25kHz or 10kHz stability



  • Receives both Low and High Ku-Band simultaneously. High LO stability.
  • Available with +/- 25kHz or 10kHz stability