Industry Leading Manufacturers

We offer industry leading products and solutions in video compression, transportation and satellite transmission and communication. We have extensive demonstration equipment held in the UK along with in country engineer support.

ComTech manufacturers

High performance Satellite Communication Infrastructure solutions and Distribution Solutions

  • Hights Networking Platform, Carrier Class Solutions
  • Modular design consists of scalable hubs
  • Latest, most efficient waveforms, processing cores, header and payload compression all combine to offer unmatched throughput

ADTEC digital manufacturers

Contribution and Distribution Solutions

  • High Definition MPEG/2 and MPEG/4 AVC 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 Encoders and IRD’s
  • DSNG Encoder / Modulators. 1080P, ultra-low latency (3 Frame encode / decode)
  • 10 Port Multiplexers, Dual Channel Encoders with ASI and IP output

Radyne manufacturers

Designs, manufactures & markets satellite infrastructure equipment

  • TDMA Full Mesh satellite network Modem Skywire
  • Universal Satellite modems up to 52Mbps, rack, outdoor or modem blade
  • DVB modulators / demodulators DVB-S, DVB-S2, interfaces include IP
  • WGS Certified Modems, Rack & Board level

Premium Networking Solutions

  • Encrypted data (V.35 / RS.530) over IP
  • E1 over IP for PABX interconnect with optional compression and echo cancellation
  • E1 Link Encryption AES 256 bit, Ethernet Packet Encryptor

Motorized Antennas

  • Self-pointing and auto deploy antennas for Flyaways, Driveaways and Fixed antennas
  • From 75cm to 2.4m capable of C, X, Ku and Ka band Tx & Rx
  • iNetvu hardware available, as well as modems and controllers for the appropriate antenna/application

Design, supply and installation of quality electric surface heating products

  • Antennas de-ice / anti-ice designed and manufactured specifically for each application. Pre- insulated self- adhesive panels, with complete automatic control for ice / snow
  • Ali-foil panels for larger antennas and GRP enclosures for smaller antennas

LNB’s and BUC’s

  • IN STOCK LNB for ( C, X & Ku)
  • BUC & SSPA up to 100W serving C to Ka Band
  • High performance high value VSAT Bundles

System Integration Products

  • Multiplexers
  • Master and Precision Oscillators
  • iRPM – Intelligent Redundant Power Module
  • Redundant 10MHz switch and distribution amplifiers

LNBs, BDCs and Redundancy Switches

  • C, Ku, Ka and X-Band LNBs and BDCs
  • Custom LNA and LNB Redundancy Switches
  • iSwitch ODU Controller

Filters and Components from 5Hz to 50GHz – MFC Ltd

  • Radar and Wifi Elimination Filters
  • Bandpass and Notch Filters L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka
  • Receive and Transmit reject filters, Band pass, Band reject, Lowpass and Highpass filters

Antenna and RF accessories manufacturers

  • LNB dual PLL Ku-Band, LNA/BDC assemblies
  • Antenna controller/mounts / feeds, C, Ku, Ka and X-Band, prime focus and offset

High throughput VSAT platforms

  • DVB-S2/S2X VSAT Technology