Satcom and Broadcast Satellite Products 

Afiniti Satellite Products

Contribution and Distribution Solutions Satellite Products – Adtec Digital 

  • HEVC/ AVC End to End Contribution Solutions…………… NEW afiniti Platform
  • High Definition MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 Encoders and IRD’s
  • DSNG Encoder /Modulators. 1080P Ultra-low latency (3 Frame Encode/Decode)
  • 10 Port Multiplexers, Dual Channel Encoders with ASI and IP Output

High Performance Satellite Communications Infrastructure Solutions – Comtech EF Data

  • Heights Networking Platform, Carrier Class Solutions
  • Modular design consists of scalable hubs
  • Latest, most efficient Waveforms, Processing Cores, Header and Payload Compression Engines give unmatched throughput

Satellite Products –  Infrastructure Equipment – Radyne

  • TDMA Full Mesh Satellite Network Modem – Skywire
  • Universal Satellite Modems up to 52Mbps, Rack, Outdoor or Modem Blade
  • DVB Modulators / Demodulators – DVB-S, DVB-S2, interfaces include IP
  • WGS Certified Modems, Rack and Board Level

Motorised Vehicle Mount & Flyaway Antennas – CCOM Satellite Systems

  • Self-pointing & Auto Deploy Antennas for Flyaways, Driveaways & Fixed Antennas
  • From 75cm to 2.4m capable of C, X, Ku and Ka-Band Tx & Rx
  • iNetvu Hardware available as well as Modems and Controllers for the appropriate Antenna/ Application

Manufacturer of World Class Antennas – Challenger Communications

  • 1.0m – 1.8m Quick Deploy Antennas
  • 3.8m offset Quick Deploy Vehicle Mount
  • 3.8m High Wind offset Tx/Rx Antenna
  • Prime Focus Antennas from 3.8m – 7.3m

RF Accessories Satellite Products

Antenna and RF Accessories

  • LNB’s, dual PLL Ku-Band, LNA/BDC assemblies
  • Antenna controller/ mounts/ feeds, C, Ku, Ka and X-Band, prime focus and offset
  • Manufacturers include Swedish Microwave, Viking, RCI and more.

Norsat Satellite Products

LNBs, BUCs & Microwave Components – Norsat International Ltd

  • LNA and LNBs – Ku, Ka, C and X-Band
  • BUCs & SSPAs – Ku, Ka, C and X-Band, ATOM & Median Ranges
  • 1:1 Redundant Systems for LNB, LNA & BUC Systems
  • Microwave Components: Band Pass Filters, LNB Controllers, Rotary Joints

System Integration Satellite Products – Orbital Research

  • Multiplexers
  • Master and Precision Oscillators
  • iRPM and Redundant 10MHz Switch
  • Distribution Amplifiers

LNBs, BDCs and Redundancy Switches

  • C, Ku, Ka and X-Band LNBs and BDCs
  • Custom LNA and LNB Redundancy Switches
  • iSwitch ODU Controller

Filters and Components from 5Hz to 50GHz – MFC Ltd

  • Radar and Wifi Elimination Filters
  • Bandpass and Notch Filters L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka
  • Receive and Transmit reject filters, Band pass, Band reject, Lowpass and Highpass filters
SHS Satellite Products

Electrical Surface Heating Satellite Products – SHS Ltd 

  • Antennas and De-Ice/ Anti-Ice designed and manufactured specifically for each application
  • Pre-insulated self-adhesive panels, with complete Automatic Controll for ice/ snow
  • Ali-foil panels for larger antennas and GRP enclosures for smaller antennas

Premium Networking Solutions – Engage Communication

  • Encrypted Data (V.35 / RS.530) over IP
  • E1 over IP for PABX Interconnect with optional compression and Echo cancellation
  • E1 Link Encryption – AES 256 Bit, Ethernet Packet Encryption

UHP – Universal, compact, high-throughout VSAT platform

  • Aggregate throughput up to 450 Mbps and 190,000 pps
  • DVB-S2/S2X VSAT technology