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BUCs and LNBs M&J Communications

There are quite a few Block Up Converters (BUCs) and Low Noise Block Downconverters (LNBs)  on the market these days, but when it comes to picking one that suits your needs and requirements, it can be quite daunting. 

With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. That’s where M&J Communication Ltd comes in. 

Whether you’re looking for a single LO or multi-LO LNB for C, Ku, Ka, X, or Q-band frequencies, we have a wide range of Norsat International products to meet your need. 

Plus, the world-class warranty of 3 years makes sure that you have coverage if anything goes wrong. And interestingly, we’ve got a quite number of new and improved Norsat products (LNBs and BUCs) for your satellite systems. 

So, what’s new about Norsat LNBs and BUCs? 

There is the new latest selection of Norsat LNB models – perfect for UK users. With the new LNB Ku-band PLL1000 Series and LNB Ka-Band Triple Band PLL9000 Series that are now available, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

LNB Ka-Band Triple Band PLL9000 Series

Introducing the 9000 LNB – the most versatile and customizable Ka-Band Multi-Band LNB yet! This state-of-the-art LNB lets you customize your signal to perfection, with coverage from 17.2 GHz to 22.2 GHz. 

This LNB is perfect for those who require the highest quality and greatest flexibility. With its wide range of frequencies and customizable features, the 9000 LNB is the perfect choice for any frequency needs you might have.

So whether you’re looking for a stable LNB for long-distance propagation or high-performance frequency applications, the Norsat new Ku-Band LNB is perfect for you.

LNB Ku-band Single/Multi-Band PLL1000 Series

If you’re looking for a powerful, lightweight LNB that can cover a vast range of frequencies, then the new 1000 LNB is just what you need. This versatile LNB can cover 10.7GHz to 12.75GHz.  

It’s the perfect addition to any satellite system, and its customizable frequency spectrum means you can customize it to cover any custom variant.

LNB Ku-band PLL1000Hu is also more compact and lighter than current Norsat LNBs, so it’s a great choice for those who want an affordable, high-performance product. 


For systems that need the ultimate in power and performance, there’s nothing like the ATOM series of BUCs and SSPAs.

No matter what you’re using them for, the ATOM series of Ku and Ka-band BUCs and SSPAs delivers big-time performance. They come in industry-leading weight and size, and their power and efficiency are amazing. 

Compatible with a variety of systems, the ATOM series is suitable for the following applications;

  • CDL
  • Airborne
  • Portable VSAT
  • And TWTA replacement 

By stocking this range of BUCs (including Median and Element series) and LNBs, we hope to meet the needs of our customers across the UK. 

What are the types of LNBs and BUCs available at M&J?

Low Noise Block Converters (LNBs)

M&J Communications Ltd carry a variety of Norsat’s Low Noise Block Converters depending on your needs, covering most commercial, military and radio astronomy frequencies. These include:

Single and Multi LO (Local Oscillator)

M&J Communication has a wide range of single and multi LO (Local Oscillator) across C, Ku, Ka, X, and Q-band frequencies, making them perfect for a variety of applications. They are designed to deliver optimum performance and reliability, so you can keep your transmissions clear and consistent.


  • 3 Years warranty
  • Custom design is available
  • Many frequency variants are available
  • Suitable for frequency flexible payloads
  • The Industry’s best Local Oscillator stability
  • Allows full use of spectrum at sea with Switchable BPF
  • Ku-Band Single LNB Satellite is highly configurable


M&J also has external reference LNBs for sites with a central reference. Or perhaps your need is a 5G Interference solution. We carry Norsat’s range of 5G Mitigating LBNs and filters which has become essential equipment for many Earth Stations worldwide.  

Block Up Converters (BUCs)

1. ATOM Series

Designed for the most demanding applications, the ATOM series of Ku and Ka-band BUCs and SSPAs are small, light, and extremely powerful. From portable VSAT to airborne radar, the ATOM series has your needs covered.


  • Up to 85% smaller than equivalent BUCs
  • Lightest available weight, at up to 90% less than competing products
  • Ultra-efficient, consuming up to 60% less power than similar units
  • Ideal for applications such as Airborne, Comms on the Move, TWTA Replacement

2. MEDIAN Series

The BUC MEDIAN series is ideal for VSAT applications where size, weight, and power constraints are not as stringent. With their small form factor, these Block Up Converters are perfect for installations in areas where space is at a premium.


  • Reliable, durable, and strong linearity
  • Output frequency (MHz) 13.75 – 14.5 GHz
  • L.O. frequency (GHz) 12.80 GHz
  • Input frequency (MHz) 950 – 1700 MHz
  • Comes in a variety of power options
  • Guaranteed by Norsat 3-year warranty
  • These BUCs can be customized to meet your needs
  • Perfect for VSAT, broadcast, maritime, and portable terminal applications

3. ELEMENT Series

With a variety of frequency options, the Norsat BUC ELEMENT series is the right solution for the outdoorsman who demands the ultimate in small size and weight. Thanks to Norsat’s reputation for high quality, reliability, and innovation, you can be sure that your signal will be of the highest quality. 


  • Small, lightweight and highly customizable
  • Ideal for VSAT applications
  • There are extended and standard Ku-Band frequencies available
  • A wide variety of additional frequencies for special order units 
  • Offers small size and weight with a variety of frequency options

What to consider when choosing the right LNB for your satellite system

When you’re shopping for an LNB, below are some of the few things you need to consider.

1. Signal gain

In a satellite system, the gain of the LNB needs to be as high as possible. This is because you want to receive a strong signal from your satellite receiver. The higher the gain, the better your chances are of receiving a strong signal.

2. Phase Noise

The phase noise of an LNB is important as well. Phase noise refers to how much interference is introduced by the LNB into the signal it receives from its feed. The lower the phase noise, the better your signal will be able to travel through long cable runs and into your receiver.

3. Noise Figure (NF)

The NF of an LNB reflects how much energy is lost in unwanted signals compared with wanted signals. A good NF should be less than 0.5 – this means that 90% of the signal will come out without any noise at all, while 10% would still sound like music if played on speakers instead of satellite equipment.

4. Desense Level

Desense level is the amount of power required by your dish antenna to get an image on your TV. The higher the desense level, the better the signal quality. Desense levels in the order of -50 dBm indicate very good filters.

5. Temperature Range

The temperature range for an LNB can vary from -40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius. This is important because if you live in an area where it gets very hot or cold, you may want to choose an LNB that has a wide temperature range so that you don’t have any issues with performance during those times of the year.

6. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)

VSWR indicates how many waves are generated by the antenna as it scans across the sky. The lower this number is, the more efficient the antenna will be in transmitting signals from satellites over long distances without losing too much power due to reflection and loss from obstructions.

Why should you buy LNBs or BUCs from M&J?

1. Only trusted Norsat partner in the UK

M&J is only the authorized Norsat partner in the UK, with over 29 years of experience in the industry. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, which we guarantee will be of a consistently high standard.

2. Comprehensive portfolio of high-performance LNBs and BUCs

As a leading supplier of LNBs and BUCs, M&J offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes both high-performance LNBs and BUCs. Our extensive range also includes compatible accessories for all types of satellite installations. 

3. Outstanding warranty service

Reliable products always deserve a warranty. That’s why we offer a 3-year warranty on all our Norsat products. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we want to be there to help you fix it or replace your product if necessary. 

4. World-class after-sales support

We’re here to help whenever you need us. We understand that sometimes things go wrong, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible. That’s why we provide 24/7 support using our phone, email, web form, or chatbot.

5. Customized solutions

We are able to customize solutions for every need, including BUCs and LNBs. Custom options include non-standard frequencies, colour, stability, gain noise figure, form factors and more. We’re here to help you create the right solution for your needs.

6. 24/7 urgent technical assistance

We understand that things can get hectic and we’re here to help you get the most out of your product with our 24/7 urgent technical assistance. Whether you need help with a specific product or just need some advice on how to use it, we’re here to help. 

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M&J Communication Ltd is the Norsat trusted partner, with a wide range of quality products you can rely on. We offer a wide variety of options, including single LNBs and BUCs, as well as systems that combine LNBs and BUCs.

Whatever your transmission requirements, we have the perfect solution for you. Trust us to supply you with the equipment you need to get the most out of your broadcasts.

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