Mitigating 5G Interference

Norsat’s latest 5G Interference Solutions, consist of a C-band interference suppression LNB and Band Pass
Filter. Norsat’s advanced LNB with internal filtering mitigates 5G signals and is the perfect solution for
broadcasters and C-band operators. For additional filtering, the band pass filter can be used to reject terrestrial

5G Interference Solution
External Filters

large separate waveguide filter
good suppression of interference
impacts NF and gain-to-noise-temperature (G/T)
LNB with Integrated BPF
suppression not quite as good as external filter
impacts NF, less impact on gain-to-noise
temperature (G/T)
LNB with Switchable BPF
useful where LTE is not always present
for example, Maritime – no LTE at sea, LTE at shore
allows full use of spectrum at sea
use both external filters and LNB with integrated