M&J Communications – Satellite RF Components


Twenty-five years is a long time in the tech world and the current landscape is nearly unrecognizable compared to what was the norm in the mid-90s.

Still, a few core products remain and our long experience in the SATCOM industry has allowed us to stay current with the changes and our customers’ needs. We stock everything from RF satellite antennas, LNAs, BUCs, and LNBs to specialized system integration products.

LNAs, BUCs, and LNBs

While low noise amplifiers (LNAs) still have their place, there has been a marked shift to newer technology. They’ve been almost completely replaced with newer, smaller, and more powerful block upconverters (BUCs), and low noise block downconverters (LNBs). Some of the newer products now have software-defined local oscillators to enable coverage of a full frequency band with a single hardware product.

Low noise amplifiers

Our LNAs will ensure the satellite signal is amplified without significant signal-to-noise ratio degradation. We offer devices with the industry’s best local oscillator stability and with high performance for all applications. They support Ku, Ka, C, X, and L&S-bands, as well as custom designs.

Block upconverters

BUCs we offer can seamlessly convert a band of frequencies from a lower to a higher frequency during satellite uplink. They have up to 60% lower power consumption than rival units and are rated for 1000W, complete with high stability oscillator. They support frequencies ranging from C to Ka and are applicable to TWT replacement, VSAT, radar, airborne use, and COTM.

Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes and price points, suitable for all users.

Low noise block downconverters

All LNBs in our stock ensure excellent reception. They support C, X, Ku, and Ka Bands and can be single or multi-band and simultaneous or switchable. We offer both dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) or Phase Lock Loop (PLL) models.

5G interference and solutions

With the rollout of 5G and Wifi networks, there is a growing increase in edge of band interference. As 5G signal has high output power ( +46dBm per antenna section) and frequency (3.4 to 4GHz), they can cause interference problems in the satellite C-band receive spectrum (3.4 to 4.2GHz) which is usually in the -90dBm to -120dBm range.

These high-power 5G signals will overload the LNB, causing gain compression and/or saturation, and increased noise floor, which leads to intermodulation interference. 

We have worked on helping customers eliminate 5G interference with some specific 5G LNB’s, with built-in filters, and when combined with 5G passband filters these help to mitigate the interference.

The mitigation requires the following solutions:

  • External Filters – a large separate waveguide filter provides good interference suppression and impacts NF and gain-to-noise-temperature (G/T).
  • LNBs with integrated BPF – this solution provides suppression that’s lower than the external filter; it impacts NF and has a lower impact on gain-to-noise temperature (G/T).
  • LNBs with Switchable BPF – provides coverage in situations where LTE is not always present, like in maritime applications.
  • Hybrid solutions – make use of both external filters and LNBs with integrated filters. 

System integration products

We source system integration products from trusted contacts and manufacturers of high-performance frequency converters and components for the satellite communications industry.

The products we offer have the highest quality and reliability, even in the most challenging conditions. The offer includes RF satellite antenna cables, waveguides (rigid and flexi) waveguide switches, bias tees, and master oscillator modules.

Dedication to quality and custom solutions

A growing number of applications require MOTS (modified off the shelf) RF satellite products. Frequent requests are integration into a manpack, a custom housing, or a rugged airborne chassis. We have experience with all these applications and can help customers find the best product for their requirements.

We strive to maintain the highest quality and the selection of products that will meet all customer needs. With a broad range of trusted suppliers and manufacturers, as well as relationships we have built over 25 years, customer satisfaction is guaranteed for all RF satellite components.