Comtech ELEVATE: Revolutionizing Satellite Communications with Intelligent VSAT Technology

Satellite communications showing network links

Satellite Communications Revolutionised

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, reliable and efficient satellite communications is crucial for various industries and applications. Comtech ELEVATE is a groundbreaking next-generation Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) technology solution designed to address evolving communication demands across various market verticals and multi-orbit satellite constellations (LEO, MEO, HEO, GEO).

With comprehensive features and capabilities, ELEVATE combines the best of Comtech’s award-winning HEIGHTS Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA) and industry-leading UHP MF-TDMA waveform flexibility. The platform introduces the Dynamic Return Access Modes (D-RAM) protocol, enabling seamless switching between waveforms and utilising the same bandwidth pool for enhanced data throughput in both Forward and Return channels.

This new ELEVATE from Comtech sets a new industry standard in VSAT technology, empowering organisations to embrace the possibilities of satellite communication with unmatched performance and versatility. As a certified distributor of Comtech’s ELEVATE, M&J Communications continues solidifying its position as a leading supplier of satellite networking solutions.

Unleashing Unprecedented Network Flexibility and Scalability

Comtech ELEVATE has been hailed as a major milestone in the satellite ground station market, delivering unmatched flexibility and scalability to cater to diverse applications and markets. Using a single system, the platform’s intelligence enables it to adapt to the unique requirements of various industries, such as broadcast, government, military, mobility, energy, broadband and enterprise.

ELEVATE is the next step in Comtech’s long-term plan to exploit the growing business opportunities in the satellite ground station market. The platform’s architecture is designed from the ground up, enabling seamless switching between H-DNA and MF-TDMA waveforms while utilising the same bandwidth pool. This innovation ensures industry-leading data throughput in both the Forward and Return channels, enhancing the overall performance of the VSAT system.

It is powered by an ultra-intelligent VSAT platform that can fast-track your transformation. With its all-inclusive, highly intelligent, and modular platform, the ELEVATE offers unprecedented network flexibility and scalability, supporting small and large networks across any satellite orbit.

Key Features and Capabilities of Comtech ELEVATE

Comtech ELEVATE boasts many features and capabilities, making it a versatile solution for diverse network requirements. The major features include:


Comtech ELEVATE offers unparalleled scalability, seamlessly expanding from small to large networks, accommodating over 500,000 remote VSAT terminals for each NMS installed. This exceptional scalability caters to various applications and network sizes, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.

Maximum Forward Link Capacity

With a remarkable maximum forward link capacity of 2.5 Gbps per service area, ELEVATE facilitates rapid and high-volume data transmission, enabling efficient content delivery and meeting the demands of bandwidth-intensive applications.

Fastest User Data Response

Comtech ELEVATE delivers the fastest user data response in the industry, thanks to its advanced bandwidth allocation algorithm and minimum allocation duration. With a lightning-fast 30ms bandwidth allocation algorithm, the platform ensures swift and efficient allocation of resources for user data transmission.

This reliable software-defined solution also achieves an impressive minimum allocation duration of 0.1ms, reducing latency and enabling near-instantaneous data delivery. This rapid user data response enhances real-time applications, minimises network jitter, and optimises overall system performance for seamless user experiences.

Highest Return Link Throughput

Setting a new industry standard, the efficient platform as a service achieves an impressive return link throughput of 200 Mbps per remote. With this exceptional throughput, Comtech ELEVATE ensures efficient data transmission from remote sites, enabling seamless communication and uninterrupted connectivity.

Compact Remote VSAT Handling

ELEVATE can handle up to 200,000 packets per second and enjoy smooth and uninterrupted data transfer, even in demanding scenarios. The platform’s compact remote VSAT handling enhances efficiency and reliability, meeting the requirements of high-demand networks.

Processing Density and Efficiency

Comtech ELEVATE excels in processing density, providing the highest performance per watt of consumed prime power. This optimal processing density optimises system efficiency, delivering exceptional performance while minimising power consumption and reducing operational costs.

Advanced Network Management System

With its advanced and highly efficient Network Management System, ELEVATE supports various Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) interfaces. This sophisticated system enables comprehensive network monitoring, control, and management, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring seamless network performance.

Lowest Power Consumption in Industry

Comtech ELEVATE boasts the lowest power consumption in the industry, typically operating at less than 12W per remote VSAT. This impressive power efficiency minimises energy consumption, reduces operational costs, and enhances sustainability, making it an environmentally friendly solution for satellite communication networks.


ELEVATE offers a comprehensive suite of APIs, enabling seamless integration with the manager of managers’ OSS/BSS orchestration systems. These APIs provide extensive control and management capabilities, allowing efficient network monitoring, configuration, and optimisation through third-party software and systems.

Automatic and Dynamic Selection of Return Waveform

The platform features Dynamic Return Access Modes (D-RAM), a cutting-edge protocol that enables automatic and dynamic selection between MF-TDMA and H-DNA waveforms. This intelligent technology optimises bandwidth utilisation, ensuring efficient and seamless data transmission while adapting to changing network conditions and requirements.

NMS Data Collection

Comtech ELEVATE provides robust support for data collection within its virtualised Network Management System (NMS).  The system offers multiple methods for logging, trending, exporting, and accessing historical and real-time data. Users can retrieve valuable insights and analytics through APIs, facilitating network optimisation, troubleshooting, and performance analysis. This comprehensive data collection capability enhances operational visibility and enables informed decision-making.

Empowering Future Development and Applications

Comtech ELEVATE addresses the need for an intelligent VSAT solution to serve low-traffic SCADA-like applications and high-performance gigabit networks. One of the defining characteristics of this Platform as a Service is its potential for future development and deployment across various applications.

The platform enables private or shared VSAT networks of any size and topology. With virtualised components, sophisticated data protocols, and cloud-based expansion capabilities, ELEVATE is ideally suited for satellite cellular backhaul, including 4G and 5G networks, as well as voice, video, and data transmission for the Internet of Things (IoT).

By providing enhanced power, speed, agility, and efficiency, it meets the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) standards while maintaining affordability, a compact footprint, and low power consumption. Service providers and mobile network operators can now deploy and manage a single platform that supports a wide range of applications.

ELEVATE ensures optimal performance and seamless connectivity from small bandwidth IoT applications in connected agriculture or ATM banking networks to bandwidth-intensive services like cellular backhaul, and video broadcasting. In addition, it integrates multi-orbit, multi-band, multi-operator, and multi-provider connectivity for Maritime, Aerospace, and Land mobility platform.

Buying Comtech ELEVATE From M&J Communications

1.    Extensive product knowledge

When purchasing Comtech ELEVATE from M&J Communications, you will have the opportunity to benefit from our extensive product knowledge and deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities. Our expertise allows us to effectively showcase the unique capabilities of ELEVATE, particularly its software-defined topology, enabling you to grasp its full potential.

2.    System design and link budgets with full support from Comtech

M&J Communication also offers assistance with system design and link budgets, ensuring that your network is tailored to meet your specific requirements and performance targets. Our expertise in these areas ensures optimal system performance and efficient resource allocation.

3.    Satellite Communications technical support from specialists

As an authorised partner of Comtech, M&J Communication provides full support from the manufacturer. This includes access to technical resources, training, and product updates, ensuring you have the necessary assistance and guidance throughout your implementation and operational phases.

4.    M&J Communications have a full demo system

M&J Communication goes beyond theoretical knowledge by offering a full demo system. This system lets you experience Comtech ELEVATE’s capabilities firsthand, providing an introduction, overview, and back-to-back demonstrations. This hands-on approach enables you to make informed decisions and practically understand the platform’s features.

5.    Over Satellite testing at customer premises

Additionally, M&J Communication facilitates over-the-air (OTA) satellite testing at your premises, allowing you to evaluate the performance and suitability of Comtech ELEVATE in your specific environment. This on-site testing ensures that the system meets your requirements and provides real-world performance validation, giving you confidence in your investment decision.

SATCOM and Broadcast Product Specialist You Can Trust

M&J’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the new Comtech ELEVATE platform, positioning us as a leading SATCOM and Broadcast Product specialist in the rapidly advancing communication landscape.

The new Comtech ELEVATE represents a significant breakthrough in satellite communications VSAT technology, addressing the evolving communication demands of diverse industries and markets. With its intelligent, modular, and scalable design, M&J Communications can now offer you a platform with unprecedented flexibility and adaptability.

By incorporating advanced features, industry-leading performance, and future-ready capabilities, our new Comtech ELEVATE  empowers organisations to embrace the potential of satellite communications, enabling reliable and efficient connectivity for a wide range of applications.

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