Satellite Network Solutions

Thanks to our close relationship with our suppliers, we’ve always been at the forefront of the latest satellite network advancements. Our primary suppliers for satellite network solutions are recognised as innovators in the field of satellite communications equipment with a focus on satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimisation.

We’re all set to provide the latest high-performance satellite communications infrastructure solutions that feature groundbreaking efficiency, robust intelligence, and unparalleled horsepower. They’re suitable for both commercial and government users worldwide and can be used to reduce operating and capital expenses, as well as increase throughput for the most demanding mobile and fixed networks.

New standards in the single channel per carrier modem market

Over the past few years, the traditional satellite modem market (SCPC) has started including new principles and functionalities such as the DVB-S2X standard, higher-order modulation techniques, adaptive coding modulation (ACM), and IP compression techniques as a means to maximise operational performance and lower satellite bandwidth costs. 

These “next-generation” SCPC modems are targeted at commercial clients that demand highly efficient, low latency, guaranteed bandwidth for their fixed link data circuits. Furthermore, our government and military clientele demand even greater performance and enhanced security from their SCPC modems, and they expect value-added features that comply with military standards such as NATO STANAG’s, MIL-STD’s, and WGS. 

Functionality such as FIPS-certified transport encryption available in various form factors such as indoor rack-mount modems and card-based solutions that can be integrated into portable SATCOM terminals are highly prized.

Support for STAR and MESH topologies

More recently, there has been an emergence of network solutions that support STAR, MESH, and partial MESH topologies. M&J Communications first started working with TDMA MESH products over 15 years ago, and we quickly identified the flexibility and bandwidth savings that these networks can provide if they are integrated into the traditional SATCOM infrastructure appropriately.

Understanding the limitations of TDMA and having the capability to design and build in-country HUBLESS ‘FULL’ MESH networks is a great commercial advantage for some customers. It also provides the capability to provision ‘single hop’ connectivity between locations that larger HUB-based networks cannot support. The latest network solutions that M&J is now offering are TDM/TDMA and HUBLESS TDMA networks that support STAR, MESH, and partial MESH connectivity.

These dynamic network designs offer a multitude of topologies to efficiently enhance connectivity over satellite networks. Scalable networks that can range in size from 1–20,000 remote sites, coupled with our extensive experience and wide product portfolio, allow customers to build a “pay as you grow” network with software-defined gateway devices very cost-effectively.

The Heights Satellite Network Platform solution

This carrier-class solution supports multiple business models, from full hub ownership to collocation at a third-party teleport facility to Virtual Network Operator (VNO) operations.

It’s modular, and the platform consists of scalable hubs that support satellite architecture, all frequency bands and allows for multiple cost-effective expansion paths.

The Heights Networking Platform is designed to work with traditional and high throughput satellites along with implementation proven dynamic bandwidth and power management and true bidirectional ACM capability that’s fully integrated with QoS. 

It supports the most efficient waveforms (DVB-S2-EB1-EB2 / VERSA-FEC-2) and has SCPC, STAR, and MESH capability. The platform has incredibly low latency, high bandwidth efficiency, and minimal jitter, in addition to the highest remote packet per second (PPS) rate in the industry.

Legacy hardware support

Since there are still many “legacy” and Telco-based hardware devices in service, there’s a need to maintain their functionality. Supporting these devices and their existing operating functions is becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to IP network integration. Whether it be serial or Telco E1/T1 traffic, we have solutions to manage these over an IP network. While they were originally designed to replace older leased E1 lines, we now see the demand to utilise existing, sometimes certified, products. These links also support traffic clocking, network tunnels, and AES-type encryption.

For this, we rely on leaders in product innovation in the networking, security, and telecommunication fields. They supply solutions that enable organisations to route, bridge, encrypt and protect networks. In addition, the clients can take advantage of the lower costs and flexibility associated with Packet transport while preserving their investment in circuit-based premises equipment.

We’re committed to continuously expanding our offer with the latest solutions that will meet our clients’ needs. The satellite network solutions we offer are made by industry leaders and guarantee the safety of transmitted data while ensuring top performance.

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